About me

Director Testimonial: "Thank you again for being such a wonderful actress and for giving the movie 200%. Editing your scenes are like being in a dream. Your Billy McCoy scene is just perfection" "Julie gave an incredible performance. She has amazing range, patience and can delve deep into that well of emotions that Directors crave to get into"

Additional Information


THE MEMORY DEALER DIRECTED BY RIK LANDER As quoted from Rik "Thanks for your brilliant contribution"

BLITZ (JASON STATHAM) DIRECTED BY ELLIOTT LESTER - CD ELAINE GRAINGER - As quoted from Elliott "thank you very much for giving a wonderful performance. We have started cutting thoses scenes together and you really stand out"

FEATURE FILM 'BLACKLANDS' DIRECTED BY NICHOLAS BEVENEY - FOUNGHTNIGHT PRODUCTIONS as quoted from Nicholas "I cannot thank you enough for coming onboard, rushes are looking great and you deliver to the highest as always"

9/11 State of Emergency CHANNEL 4 - NUTOPIA PRODUCTIONS "Neil (Rawles - Director)was extremely happy with your work and we all enjoyed your company, patience and good humour. Thank you!"

CERTAIN THINGS PRODUCTION Director Tim Prescott "You definitely make an impact and the rushes prove it"

Additional Skills

I am also a scriptwriter - my feature film 'Leader of the Pack' came second at The Screenwriters Festival 2007' My short 'Fowl Play' won in its category - 'Witchboard' came 2nd at The Screenwriters Festival 2006 held at The Cheltenham Film Studios also semi finalist at The British Short Screenplay, Have written a radio play 'A String of Lies', a short film 'Raising a Stinker! I have just entered my short 'HELL'S ANGEL' into this years British Short Screenplay Competition - and am currently writing 'Hard Habit to Break'